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YellowDog technology was established by Gareth Williams in Bristol in 2015, and went through a carefully planned programme of research, product development and investment before being fully launched later that year.

YellowDog’s unique technology securely harnesses and monetises underutilised computer power, enabling organisations to deliver incredibly quickly and cost effectively through leveraging this unlimited ‘power on demand’ – effectively building the world’s fastest supercomputer. The first market YellowDog have made this computer power available to is the computer graphics & 3D animation industry.


YellowDog is a revolution in rendering for 3D studios and artists. The YellowDog platform provides access to hundreds of thousands of cores across multiple providers, but with none of the hassle of setting up with multiple vendors. YellowDog takes care of it all.  As a result, YellowDog is powerful enough to work through the biggest render jobs in next to no time.

With the YellowDog platform plugged into a customer’s pipeline, they have access to a best of breed supercomputer – in other words limitless computing power.

SneakyBox helped YellowDog create their revolutionary product and implemented these parts of the platform:

  • Cross-platform Windows and Linux application which takes rendering jobs and controls rendering process;
  • Synchronization tool YellowDog Sync
  • Customer and administrator dashboard for tracking rendering tasks.


Frameworks and libraries: WPF, .NET core, Angular JS, StructureMap

Languages: C#

IDE: Visual Studio

Other tools: Git, TeamCity, SonarQube