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Junior Game Designer

Job & Internship offers Game Design Junior Game Designer

SneakyBox Game Studio is looking for a Junior Game Designer to join our 70+ strong team! Our new colleague will help us develop premium games and gamified products both internally and for clients. The scope and variety of our game portfolio is always expanding, so we are looking for a motivated person experienced or interested in game design.


  • Drafting game design pitches for new products and clients;
  • Preparing high-level game design documents for your team;
  • Iterating on game features based on feedback and data;
  • Communicating your designs to shareholders and your team.


  • Ability to research, conceptualize and pitch game or feature ideas;
  • Ability to document and relay your designs to the team (text or visual);
  • Design thinking and problem-solving skills;
  • Flexibility to iterate based on user feedback.
  • Basic understanding of UX practices and user research;
  • Interest in the games market and trends, specifically the premium segment;

What We Offer:

  • Exceptional opportunities to start and grow your gamedev career;
  • Collaborative work with a team of highly-skilled professionals;
  • First-hand experience working with prominent IPs and major clients;
  • Regular team building events and festivities;
  • Inclusive and friendly working environment;
  • Brand new office in the heart of Kaunas with partial catering and free drinks;
  • Competitive salary starting at: 800-900 eur/month netto
  • The job is on-site in Kaunas, but remote work is also an option.

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