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SneakyBox Fall Academy

Job & Internship offers Internships SneakyBox Fall Academy

It’s fall season again and SneakyBox is announcing yet another SneakyBox Academy for aspiring game developers!

If you’re looking for new opportunities to prove yourself, consider joining our SneakyBox Fall Academy where you’ll learn all the ins and outs of the game development process.

It’s a 2-month-long internship that will allow students and junior/mid engineers to hone their skills in Unity and Unreal engine development with our colleagues’ help and see our studio’s daily life. During this time you will have a chance to work on real game development projects. You will learn to port games for PCs and consoles, gain knowledge in software optimization, and tinker with the latest gaming hardware.

The application deadline is September 25th.

Regarding further application process, all applicants will get a response on September 27th.

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