Augmented Reality

We have built numerous Augmented Reality (AR) applications and demonstrate high levels of expertise when creating AR software solutions. Whether it is custom-made software for one-off use, or an immersive application to attract greater audience numbers and interest for your content, we fully understand how to create what a customer wants and needs. Take a look at some of our AR projects:

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We have everything it takes to create scalable software which can cope with huge numbers of concurrent users. If you want to put your program onto the cloud to deal with flexible and unpredictable amounts of content and users, you can rely on SneakyBox. Check out our projects, including cloud services, for a fuller view of our capabilities:

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Custom Software Development

Sometimes old ways of doing things are not sufficient to achieve the customer’s aims. That’s when companies come to SneakyBox for help, asking for tailored one-of-a-kind software. We are delighted to make bring their unique ideas to life, consulting with them about their concepts and getting deeply involved in the production of creative innovations. Here are some of our custom-made projects:

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Game Development

Game Development is our passion. It is what brought us all together in the first place. Over the years we have tried many things, learned through our failures and most of all succeeded. So much so that one of our games has won multiple awards, and another is reportedly one of the most popular with its target audience. Find out why for yourself – check out some of the games we are proud to call our own:

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Mobile Application Development

We have created so many mobile applications that we can proudly call this one of our main areas of expertise. Many people rely on their smartphones to reach services or find information at any given time or place – so a large proportion of our clients use mobile applications to target their customers easily and attract a wider audience. Here are some of the applications our clients and their customers have liked the most:

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Virtual Reality

Even though virtual reality has been around for a while, not everyone is exploring its many benefits. Many companies have so far not been bold enough to go for it and create innovative applications which would reduce overall costs while providing better services and promoting their products in a fun, immersive, and exciting way. We believe that virtual reality is a significant step forward. Here are some of the strides we’ve been making towards building that future together:

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