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SneakyBox has expert knowledge in various scale and type projects: in-house games production, full game development services, including porting to all major platforms, and art production. The studio has completed work on over 500 projects, working together with our partners in the industry.

Game Porting

Every game deserves every player, while every studio deserves additional revenue streams and bigger audiences. However, it may be a challenging task to go at it alone and that’s why we’re here! Our attention to detail and technical know-how are at your disposal to create a high-end port for Your game. Check out what we have been doing lately:
  • Conforming to Consoles Holders Guidelines and Standards
  • Preserving Gameplay Features
  • Game Controls Adaptation
  • UI Updates
  • Content Optimization
  • Memory Management Optimization
  • Custom Feature Addition

Game Development

Game Development is our passion. It is what brought us all together in the first place. Over the years we have tried many things, learned through our failures and most of all succeeded. So much so that some of our games have won multiple awards, while others are extremely popular with their target audience. Find out why for yourself – check out some of the games we are proud to call our own:
  • Full Cycle Development
  • Development with Porting in Mind
  • Unity Development
  • Unreal Engine Development
  • Custom Engine Development
  • Game Testing
  • Game Design
  • Development Tools Creation
  • Custom Tools for Content Creators
  • Integration with various 3rd party Services

Art Production

SneakyBox is known for its one-of-a-kind art department that specializes in creating multiple different types of art production. Be it concept art, 2D or 3D assets, UI, animation, or VFX - our team is a top squad to help you to realize your vision. With over 8 years worth of industry experience, our team will do everything in their power to provide quality and polish on any project we take on.
  • 3D characters
  • 3D environments
  • 3D hardsurface models
  • Concept art
  • llustration
  • 2D Character design
  • 2D Environment design
  • Key-art
  • Promotional Art
  • Storyboards
  • CCG art

Game Remastering

We believe that great games of old deserve to be experienced by the new generation of players. That is why we are proud to work on bringing multiple classic games and helping them find new audiences. Our expert team carefully analyzes what makes the original game tick, preserving the core experience while improving on graphics, gameplay, and overall feel of the original.
  • Original Gameplay and Game Feel Preservation
  • Development with Porting in Mind
  • Graphics Modernization
  • Custom Feature Addition
  • Level & Gameplay Design
  • Animation & VFX

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