About Us

SneakyBox is an award-winning digital creative studio focusing on games and game porting, custom software and immersive solutions development. Combining cutting edge technology with strategic thinking, we provide high quality software development services worldwide, in six key areas: aerospace, education, energy, engineering, manufacturing and medicine.

SneakyBox was founded in 2012 by two creative and quirky students – Liudas Ubarevičius and Justas Šalkevičius. A team of 50+ developers currently work in the company.

SneakyBox, together with Telesoftas and Adeo Web  is a part of the Blaster cluster, which brings together more than 300+ IT professionals. The cluster system enables us to combine our professional strengths, knowledge and specialisms when working together on larger scale projects.

SneakyBox implements EU-funded projects:

Meet The Management Team

Liudas Ubarevičius
Chief Executive Officer

Justas Šalkevičius
Chief Technology Officer

Ieva Auželytė
Creative Director

Algimantas Lazauskas
Product Director

Justina Kateivaitė
Project Manager


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