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Game Development is our passion. It is what brought us all together in the first place. Over the years we have tried many things, learned through our failures and most of all succeeded. So much so that some of our games have won multiple awards, while others engaged thousands of gaming fans world-wide.

Our latest games

Star Trek: Resurgence

Star Trek: Resurgence is a narrative adventure game featuring dialog choices, relationship building, and exploration. Alongside dialog-driven role-playing and rich branching storylines, you will also engage with the Star Trek universe in a variety of other gameplay styles, including shuttle piloting, phaser fights, tricorder scanning, stealth, and micro-gameplay mechanics.

For this game, SneakyBox created tons of 3D characters, environments, and props, 2D graphics on in-game screens, worked on some core gameplay systems as well as ported the game to consoles.

Missile Command: Recharged

Defend your cities from an assault of missiles, planes, tanks, and more! Play solo or with a friend in co-op in this modern reimagining of the arcade classic.

It may look easy, but the difficulty curve of Missile Command sneaks up on you. Before too long you are intensely focused on taking out incoming missiles and enemy planes and taking desperate measures to save your remaining cities.

The game was co-developed with Adamvision Studios.

Caverns of Mars: Recharged

Race through caverns while blasting away enemies and terrain to reach the depths of Mars in this reimagining of the 1981 classic.

Caverns of Mars: Recharged takes the easy, addictive appeal of the original game and adds more caverns, more challenges, more weapons, modern graphics, and leader

Void Prison

Void Prison is a fast-paced, endless arcade twin-stick shooter that puts you inside an ever-shrinking ring. Survive by fighting emerging enemies around you and don't get consumed by the void. Complete achievements to unlock new skins and powerups and get on top of the leaderboards!

Yars: Recharged

A daring attack against the enemy homeworld, guarded by mechanical hives that pulse deadly cannons and emit flurries of swirling missiles. Shoot from range as you find pockets of safety amongst the hail of incoming fire, and then dart forward in daring forays to nibble away at the enemies defenses. Gather enough energy by destroying the enemy’s shields and you can power up your massively destructive Zorlon cannon, which sends searing blasts of golden energy into the enemy hive.

The game was co-developed with Adamvision Studios.

Gravitar: Recharged

The cult classic Gravitar has been Recharged. Complete missions in each solar system, navigating a variety of challenging environments, each with varying levels of gravity that will test your skills as a pilot before unlocking new solar systems to explore.

The game was co-developed with Adamvision Studios.

Breakout: Recharged

The original brick breaker returns with its toughest challenge yet. Survive as long as you can in the arcade or take on one of 50 unique challenges picking up game-changing power-ups along the way.

The game was co-developed with Adamvision Studios.

Asteroids: Recharged

How long can you survive the depths of space in this fresh revival of the classic arcade shooter, all while grooving to an original score by Megan McDuffee. Pilot solo or recruit a friend for local co-op across 30 unique challenges or the endless arcade mode.

The game was co-developed with Adamvision Studios.

Redakcija 2030

The Redakcija 2030 game takes place in the near future - 2030 when the scary futuristic scenario comes true: the only web news portal is left in Lithuania and the player becomes its editor. In his hands lies a strong “weapon” - knowledge and information that can affect the entire society. The player has to recognize the fake news, supervise the comment sections from the offensive comments, recognize scam emails, and decide what information is worth to be published on the news website.

The game was co-developed with association "Langas į ateitį".

Black Widow: Recharged

Defend your spider web from an onslaught of bugs in this frenetic revival of the cult classic twin-stick shooter, all while jamming to an infectious original score by Megan McDuffee. Play solo or tag in a friend for local co-op across 30 unique challenges or the endless arcade mode.

The game was co-developed with Adamvision Studios.

Days of Doom

A devastating plague has caused the dead to rise and ancient beings to awaken in the post-apocalyptic world of Days of Doom. The comic book-inspired world is shrouded in mystery with a threatening zombie outbreak at its core. Build, grow and maintain a sanctuary for those looking for refuge and recruit unique heroes with special abilities to fight against the undead and other supernatural dangers. Rebuild society, build your roster of heroes, and face the dangers of the outside world.


Centipede: Recharged

Blast bugs and chase high scores in this glorious revival of an old-school classic, all while jamming to a heart-pounding original score by Megan McDuffee. Play solo or tag in a friend for local co-op across 30 unique challenges or the endless arcade mode.

The game was co-developed with Adamvision Studios.


[Un]defeated is a comic book style game revolving around a love story between two young people – Milda and Tom – which takes place in beautiful nature and urban surroundings.

Tom's slow and melancholic small-town life dramatically changes after meeting an up-and-coming tennis student Milda. For the first time in his life, he finds a purpose for which he will have to fight in and out of the tennis court. Although a serious goal brings serious obstacles, Tomas accepts the challenge with great resolve.

[Un]defeated is not only a game. It is a coming of age story about love and taking responsibility both for yourself and your loved ones. About becoming a conscious person.

Goalkeeper VR Challenge

VR Goalkeeper challenge is an immersive virtual reality sports-action game, enabling the player to step into the shoes of a soccer goalkeeper. The game offers an actual physical workout, as preventing balls from scoring can become a challenging task, especially for the folk with competitive streak in them.

Streets of Cyberworld

Streets of Cyberworld was originally created by Martynas Valikonis and Kęstutis Samsonas as a tabletop competitive strategy card game. It is set in a dystopian cyberpunk setting in the year 2068, with different action characters using a range of weapons to battle for control of a city. It aims to have minimal random factors – victory is all about strategy.

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