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Our customer wanted to present proposed plans for a new office complex called Quadrum to their client. The customer already had a 3D architectural model of the planned office complex. They felt, however, that a simple model like that would not be effective enough to represent the plans in full and gain approval. They therefore decided to come up with something more innovative, which would clearly and effectively show the model to their client.


Our customer’s idea was to create an AR (augmented reality) application, where viewers could see the 3D model in a virtual environment by simply pointing their mobile device camera at a Quadrum logo containing a QR code – printed on anything from a brochure to a leaflet or even a magazine advert. This opens up in augmented reality mode on their device, so they see the 3D model projected on the printed material. To view some areas of the Quadrum complex more clearly in AR mode, parts of the building which hide them disappear when the camera is brought near them, revealing the view behind.

Additional information about the building (for example, the number of offices, width, height, etc.) and customer‘s contacts were also to be displayed in the application.

The idea itself was simple and easy to implement. However, the 3D model that customer sent us turned out to be too complex for the application, so we needed to simplify and optimize it as much as possible while preserving key features.

The application was implemented and released free to download for iOS (no longer available) and Android, answering all the customer’s requirements. The scope and height of the 3D model was clearer and easier to assimilate when seen it in AR mode. Our customer’s client was happy with it and approved the plans. The Quadrum office complex project is now completed and can be seen in Vilnius city.


Implemented and released free to download iOS (not available anymore) and Android app, which fitted all the needed requirements. The 3D model, its scope and height turned out to be more understandable when seeing it in AR mode. Our customer’s client liked the model and approved the idea. Now the building of the project is finished and can be seen in Vilnius city.


Game engine: Unity

Frameworks and libraries: Vuforia

Languages: C#

IDE: Visual Studio

Other tools: Git