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Swedbank’s roots are deeply entrenched in Sweden’s savings bank history, the cooperative agricultural bank tradition and Hansabank’s major role in the Baltic countries.

Swedbank serves the whole range of customers, from those with basic needs to people requiring advanced banking services. The bank aims to develop close relationships with their 7.3 million private customers and 600,000 corporate customers.


Processoffice, an architecture and urbanism practice based in Vilnius, contacted SneakyBox with the concept of the Finance Lab, asking us to create the interactive part of the Finance Lab exhibition. The main focus of the Finance Lab is to provide engaging lessons in money and resource management for pupils of 9th-12th grades, in a unique after-school space.


The exhibition includes eight human-size touch screens, grouped in pairs and hanging from the ceiling in a single line at eye level – leaving a clear space underneath. The screens, with software from SneakyBox, feature games and interactive information about the fundamentals of economics – including resources and their limited nature and trade, along with providing practical information. Users can play simulation games themed around topics like planning, saving, employment, borrowing and wealth accumulation, learning about finance in an understandable, fun and memorable way.


Game Engine: Unity 2018.1.0

Frameworks and libraries: Json.NET

Languages: C#

IDE: Microsoft Visual Studio

Other tools: ViveMediaDecoder