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Volfas Engelman is a light alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage producer in Kaunas – one of the most modern in Lithuania. According to market research company AC Nielsen, Volfas Engelman is the third biggest player in the Lithuanian beer market.


Volfas Engelman wanted to show visitors what they do at their production plant, but they couldn’t allow people to watch all the processes in person. They therefore opened a visitor centre where people can explore beer making history and processes, and try out different beer flavours. To make the production story more interesting and immersive, SneakyBox suggested creating a virtual 360° tour, using Samsung GearVR.


Visitors can now sit next to the bar at the centre, put on Samsung GearVR and play a 360° video showing the whole process of production, from the crops in the fields to the brewing, the packing and delivery to the visitor right there in the bar.

Throughout the video, a narrator explains what is happening and provides interesting facts and information. Some of the facts are also featured in text display on the video, integrated with but not interfering with the viewing experience.


Hardware: Samsung GearVR

Game engine: Unity

Frameworks and libraries: Oculus Mobile SDK

Languages: C#

IDE: Visual Studio

Other tools: Git